Strengthen team building to activate the internal power of high-quality development

 Maoming Port Management Co., Ltd. to carry out expansion activities


“团结就是力量,团结就是力量,这力量是铁,这力量是钢……”这铿锵有力的声音从浪漫海岸大草坪传播开来。On December 2, according to "maoming port management co., LTD., to carry out the party spirit party spirit party discipline thematic education activity implementation plan" work deployment, port management company organization party members and cadres to carry out the theme of "positive and energetic outreach activities。

After the party cadres of the port management company arrived at the expansion base, under the guidance of the coach, they were divided into four groups, "pioneer team", "unity team", "Leap team" and "dream team", and successively carried out the ice-breaking game, beach landing, pearl travel thousands of miles, invincible Hot Wheels, power circle and other expansion activities。In the face of the challenges of the game, the team members united as one and encouraged each other to successfully complete the challenge tasks。Among them, in the beach landing activities, each group of players focused on, mutual cooperation, the use of only a few wooden pads, calculate the best position of the board to throw, reasonable arrangement of the starting order and go, all through smoothly。In the cold winter wind, the activity site is filled with hot laughter。

Ice breaker

Beach landing

Pearls travel thousands of miles

Invincible Hot Wheels

Power coil

"I am very happy to participate in this outreach activity, so that everyone can relax after busy work。"Laughed the staff at the outreach。"The cooperation at work has been extended to the activities, and the activities have fostered a deeper understanding。”

Through this elaborately designed extension activity, the communication between the workers has been enhanced and the feelings between them have been narrowed。They all expressed that in the following work, they would further strengthen teamwork, improve work efficiency, and contribute more to the construction of Maoming Port with full enthusiasm and positive attitude。(Wen Yingxi)

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