Take the Party Constitution and Party regulations as the mirror to keep discipline into consciousness

Group Party Committee member, discipline inspection Committee secretary, ombudsman Chen Jun to the port management company to teach thematic Party lessons


In order to implement the work deployment of the Group Party Committee on carrying out the thematic education activities on "Party spirit, Party style and Party discipline" of the port operation company, further strengthen the construction of Party style, clean government and work style。On November 18, Chen Jun, a member of the Party Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and ombudsman of the group, gave a special Party class on the theme of "Speaking Party spirit, observing Party rules and strict Party discipline"。Zhu Guangyu, Vice President of the Group, Li Yuqi, assistant president of the Group, about 30 people from Party and Mass work department, discipline inspection Office and port management company attended this Party course。

Chen Jun to "With the Party Constitution and Party regulations as the mirror, will keep discipline into consciousness" as the title, from "understand the profound connotation of the Party's discipline", "understand the main content of the Party's discipline" and "strictly observe the six aspects of discipline requirements" and other aspects made a detailed explanation analysis。He pointed out that as Party members and cadres, they should always put themselves within the rules of discipline, always abide by the rules and regulations, do not compromise in the face of the rules and regulations, consciously correct the "four winds", change the style of work and establish new styles, purify the social circle, life circle and friends circle, build a solid line of defense in thought, and correct the mark and form in action。

He asked all party members and cadres of the port management company to raise their political position and further strengthen their sense of responsibility。Establish the consciousness of "one game of chess", focus on the key work of the group, unify the thought and action in step with the group's high-quality development policy, and comprehensively promote the construction of Party conduct and clean government。Second, we should adhere to the goal -, problem - and result-oriented approach。Seriously recognize the serious harm caused by the shortcomings in the construction of the style of work, take solving practical problems as an important standard to test the effectiveness of the work, so that the strengthening of the style of work throughout the whole process and all aspects of the daily work。Third, we should be pragmatic and promising, with solid words as the first and dry words as the first。The realization of the group's development goals into their own conscious action, with indomitable struggle attitude, rain or shine mental state to sprint, and strive to complete the year's work tasks。Four, we should take the lead in following the example。Leading officials should have the courage to make decisions and take responsibility, give full play to their exemplary role, and constantly enhance their awareness of responsibility and rules。We will give full play to the role of grassroots Party organizations in fighting fortresses and help the group to reach a new level of work。

In class, the representative of the port management company made a speech。Everyone expressed that through this thematic Party class learning, deeply educated and inspired。In the future work,We should take "Party spirit, Party style and Party discipline" as an opportunity,Further improve ideological understanding,Strengthen the sense of responsibility,Put discipline and discipline first,Resolutely put an end to the wrong thinking of "waiting, relying on and wanting",To nail the spirit of implementation,Truly do the duty of keeping the soil, keeping the soil responsible, keeping the soil responsible,To achieve the transformation of the company to be a pioneer, as an example,We took concrete actions to promote the implementation of the Party's 20 Guiding Principles。(Chen Guohui)

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