Carry out Party spirit, Party style and Party discipline education to improve the management pattern of port enterprises

 Group affiliated port management company held Party spirit, Party style and Party discipline education activities kickoff meeting


On November 2nd, the Party Committee of the Group organized and held the launching meeting of "Thematic Education Activities on Party Spirit, Party Style and Party Discipline" in the conference room on the second floor of Maoming Port Operation Company. The meeting conveyed the Implementation Plan of the Party Committee on Thematic Education Activities on Party Spirit, Party Style and Party Discipline of Maoming Port Operation Company, and made relevant work arrangements。Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Ombudsman of the Group, Zhu Guangyu, Vice President of the Group, Li Yuqi, assistant president of the Group attended the meeting。

The meeting pointed out that at present, the port management companies are not strong sense of responsibility, service level is not high, lack of dedication and other prominent problems, port competitiveness is deteriorating。All the cadres and staff of the port management company should earnestly study and implement the Party's twenty great spirits, grasp the opportunity of thematic education activities on Party spirit, Party style and Party discipline, focus on the fourth quarter of the key work objectives and tasks, to ensure that thematic education on Party spirit and Party style and Party discipline will promote efficiency, work implementation and development。

Wang Zhihua stressed that all Party members of the port management company should play an exemplary role in the vanguard,Guided by educational activities on Party spirit, style and discipline,To change the style of work, excellent service, improve efficiency, promote development,Fulfill one's promise,Continue to push deeper,Work discipline will be further tightened,Change the work style,We will work hard to implement our work,Improve work efficiency,To achieve the transformation of the company to be a pioneer, as an example。

Wang Zhihua demandedFirst, we will strengthen political guidance and change our work style。We should earnestly implement the study system of "Agenda one",Strengthen the study of political theory and ideological education of Party members, cadres and staff,Constantly improve the overall quality of Party members, cadres and staff,We must continue to guide Party building,Through the implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson", organizing life, democratic review and other systems,Further strengthen Party spirit cultivation,克服精神懈怠和思想滑坡;港口公司党员领导干部要坚持带头从严治党,Strictly implement the list of responsibilities for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party formulated by the Group's Party Committee,Play a leading role in clean work and style construction。 Second, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, unswervingly rectification。It is necessary to further sort out and improve the company's rules and regulations, establish and perfect the internal management system and operation mechanism, strengthen supervision and assessment, refine and quantify assessment indicators, enhance the transparency of assessment work and results, and give full play to the role of the baton of performance assessment。Third, we will enhance the efficiency of qualified personnel and work hard to promote development。We should give full play to our pioneering role, strengthen our sense of crisis, sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, always build up a high sense of responsibility for our work, and summon up the energy to achieve win-win results for both enterprises and individuals。
Port management company participants have said,In the following work,We will strictly implement all work arrangements for special education activities on Party character, Party conduct and Party discipline,Focus on the main responsibility and business,To promote the promotion of professional work through thematic education activities on Party spirit, style and discipline,Benchmarking advanced models to improve working standards,Adhere to the principle of standard, rigorous and efficient,Learn from the advanced experience of advanced regions and advanced units,With the first - class goal, first - class energy, first - class style,Provide strong support for the development and growth of the group。Group heads of relevant departments, port management company team members and all party members attended the meeting about 40 people。(Chen Guohui)

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