Maoming Port Group held a lecture on ideological work


In order to further implement the relevant requirements of the Group Party Committee on ideological work, strengthen the awareness and understanding of the importance of ideological work of the Group's party cadres and staff, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, improve the ability of political discrimination。On the afternoon of October 20, the Group held a lecture on ideological work。Tan Wentao, a member of the expert group of the Municipal Committee, deputy director of the United Front Theory Teaching and Research Office of the Party School of the Municipal Committee, was invited to give a keynote speech。

Information meeting,Tan Wentao took "Strengthening the ideological work of State-owned Enterprises" as the theme,Starting from the significance of ideology work in state-owned enterprises, the main problems facing the ideological work in state-owned enterprises and how to strengthen the ideological work in state-owned enterprises,In-depth interpretation and detailed analysis。The report has a distinct theme, rich content, objective and comprehensive, close to reality, and has a strong ideological, theoretical, practical and guiding nature, so that participants can further realize the importance of ideological work and understand the profound connotation of ideological work。

The meeting on strengthening the ideological work of the group put forward three requirements: first, improve the consciousness of alignment, focus on strengthening the theoretical study。注重结合“第一议题”制度,及时传达学习中央和各级党委关于意识形态工作的指示精神,真正把意识形态工作责任制落实情况更好地纳入到集团党委、各党支部的工作报告、纪律检查、干部考核当中去。Second, we need to enhance our sense of responsibility and strengthen the construction of positions。We should earnestly strengthen the construction of ideological positions, actively explore online publicity and management methods, continue to expand channels for external publicity, and constantly enhance the effectiveness of ideological work。Third, we need to raise awareness of weak links and improve long-term mechanisms。Adhere to the ideological work rules set up, strict, tight, so that mistakes will be corrected, responsibility will be held accountable, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of party members and cadres to participate in the ideological work, gather a strong atmosphere of cadres to contribute to the high-quality development of the group。

As a state-owned enterprise, Maoming Port Group always adheres to the leadership of the Party, pays attention to the ideological work, and persists in carrying forward and practicing the "spirit of state-owned enterprises".。成立以来,集团党员干部职工思想政治素质不断增强,始终保持昂扬奋发的精神面貌;集团在经营管理和项目建设上硕果频结,实现了精神与物质的双丰收。

About 80 members of the Group's Party committee leadership, the group's middle-level and above leaders, members of each party branch, Party representatives attended the information session。(Cao Xiaolin)

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